Greenland Market Research is the leader in strategic, foundational research offerings that can be customized to your needs. We are a premier research consultancy firm with about a decade of market experience and a robust team of research professionals comprising data miners and analysts.

We employ the latest technologies and methodologies to procure data that is original, insightful, and of practical use for the client. All research products we deliver are high-integrity and lawfully-sourced ensuring the highest quality standards.

We offer qualitative and quantitative researches on diverse sectors and global markets. Based on the previous data and outcomes, we create insightful projections that truly matter for your business success.

We’re an end-to-end market research solutions provider with the following product portfolio:

Quantitative research

Qualitative research

Healthcare research

Mystery Shopping

Feasibility study

Our Belief

We believe in working with clients, not on projects. There are no set of theories or methodologies. The breakthrough ideas come from exploring findings in unconventional ways with clients – be it through our proprietary methods or through tried and tested research techniques. They all require our researchers to interact closely with clients to understand their markets, their brands, their consumers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading research companies in the world by using new and innovative ways to solve our client’s issues and thus helping them in strategic decision making.

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