Our client is a Japanese multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer and is the second-largest producer of tires in the world. The company has substantially grown to acquire around 180 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities and sells its products across 150 countries worldwide. The client wanted to research in order to understand how the current offerings solved a set of problems. The aim of the research was to gain deeper insights on how to improve the value proposition and to judge customer loyalty towards the tires brand. An online survey was developed and sent to 200 vehicle owners that used the client’s brand tires. The survey took place in 5 countries; Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and France. We managed to wrap the project up within a satisfactory period of 2 weeks.

Audience: Vehicle owners with client brand tires

Country: Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, France

Time Span: 2 weeks

Sample Size: 200

Method: Online survey


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