Muffadal Emran Ali

Muffadal Emran Ali, Director – Research & Operations
Director of Operations at GLMR, Muffadal is a passionate brand advocate who serves as one of GLMR’s key client liaisons. He excels in crafting engagements that effectively address each client’s needs and objectives, leveraging research, marketing strategy and design consulting methodologies to promote actionable insights and inspired business solutions.

He is a driving force behind the company’s strategy, culture, and success. With nearly 10 years of experience in insights & communications, Muffadal leads relationships with several of key clients, and oversees the long-term strategic planning for GLMR as well as the work product the company delivers.

The verticals he serves at Greenland Market Research & Consultancy include: advertising, consumer packaged goods, beauty, cosmetics, automotive, healthcare ,mobile and smart home technology, real-estate, restaurant, pharmaceutical, travel, tourism, leisure, sporting goods, cannabis, tobacco, vapor, non-profit, sporting goods,
entertainment, appliances, business to business, e-commerce and more.