Qualitative Research

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

We at Greenland design, develop, implement and monitor qualitative market research sessions, with an aim to turn the targeted audience information into meaningful insight for the client.


Meaningful and actionable qualitative research requires three ingredients


Targeted recruiting:

Our screeners are developed to recruit the right people for research, and no recruiting commences until the client is satisfied with the screening criteria.

Creative moderating:

Our experienced researchers have designed and implemented numerous sessions. We develop creative discussion guides that utilize tools and techniques customized to creatively achieve the clients’ information objectives.

Strategic reporting:

Our reports are designed to meet the desired needs, whether that is an executive summary or a detailed analysis of findings, verbalism, and recommendations from our staff of experienced researchers and marketing consultants. We also develop and deliver targeted presentations of findings that include recommendations for action.

Our Qualitative Research uses the following to explore those areas:

  • In-depth Interview
  • Focus Group
  • Mini Groups
  • Online Focus Group
We are a market research company that selects and applies the right research, decision-making, or idea generation tools at the right time. We use our expert research and analysis skills to support your critical thinking and decision-making process, not replace it. We know these tools and techniques well and we know when and where to apply them to meet your needs. Our biggest strengths are decision-making clarification, focus, and knowing what to include and what to leave out of your marketing information system. We offer a system that helps you move forward and approach your market confidently and successfully.


Focus group

Focus Group

Mini Groups

Mini Group

Online Focus Groups

Online focus group

In Depth Interview

Indepth Interview