Who We Are

Greenland Market Research (GLMR) is one of the Global independent market research companies in the United Arab Emirates. We inspire trust while being systematic and objective. We are the leaders of keeping costs down without compromising quality.

Give us a try on your next project and we will assure your satisfaction!

GLMR has set high standards to provide various research solutions to the leading organization in every sector ranging from consumer-packaged goods, high tech durables, food service, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. GLMR uses a high level of creative thinking and advanced methods to provide accurate strategic solutions to clients.
We are passionate about what we do – with unsurpassed knowledge and rigorous attention to detail. We are always with creative ideas which provide the best solutions to our client, that’s the reason why our clients have been with us from the beginning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading research companies in the world by using new and innovative ways to solve our client’s issues and thus helping them in strategic decision making.

We Are

  • G: Genuine and experienced teams
  • L: Learning and Innovative
  • M: Multidimensional and adaptive
  • R: Right people for the right job according to client requirements

Our Belief

We believe in working with clients, not on projects. There are no set of theories or methodologies. The breakthrough ideas come from exploring findings in unconventional ways with clients – be it through our proprietary methods or through tried and tested research techniques. They all require our researchers to interact closely with clients to understand their markets, their brands, their consumers.