Healthcare research for improved outcomes in the health sector

Greenland Market Research is the market leader in healthcare research. In our decade-long experience, we have helped hundreds of medical facilities and individuals bridge product and supply gaps by adding value to their databases.

Being one of the leading Healthcare Market Research Companies in Dubai over the years, we have built a robust database of preventive, rehabilitative, or curative treatments and their providers in different global markets and population segments. Backed by this knowledge, we can identify market gaps and opportunities more effectively than others in the sector.

With global health spending projected to exceed $8.7 trillion by 2020, the healthcare industry is a significant part of every nation’s economy. At Greenland Market Research, we help you make contribute your best to this essential sector where investments are both fruitful and fulfilling. Healthcare Research is our USP. In a year we conduct more than 1000 Physicians interviews.

We have covered and provided industry insights to.


Pharmaceutical companies

Biotechnology firm

Healthcare service providers

Medical product companies

Feasibility studies to open any new hospital

Expand specialties of the existing hospitals

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