Construing the micro-level data where no two opinions are the same is a tough undertaking. Only with years of market experience and the right professionals can a research agency master the art of qualitative research that can be out to effective business use.

We at Greenland Market Research provide you with customer-driven, high-touch, and high-quality qualitative research solution in Dubai and in the entire middle east that can turn things around for your slow business. The methods we use vary from sector to sector and market to market.

Tour data is mined from focus groups to one-on-one discussions, and from observation of individual customer behavior to in-depth population analyses. Our research uncovers motivations, feelings, and preferences in in your target market and sector ensure your business decision is on a strong footing.

From focus groups to opinion leader research, from patient interaction to usability testing, and from market sizing and analyses to online community assessment, our healthcare research offers the right solution for your medical data needs.

Based on our experience in handling online community we constantly encourage our clients to conduct Online FGDs and IDIs. We have experienced moderators who can handle such groups flawlessly in this digital era without losing the essence of traditional qualitative research in Dubai, UAE.

We are a market research company that selects and applies the right research, decision-making, or idea generation tools at the right time. Our biggest strengths are decision-making clarification, focus, and knowing what to include and what to leave out of your marketing information system. We offer a system that helps you move forward and approach your market confidently

Our Qualitative Research services include

In-depth Interview

Focus Group Discussion


Online Focus Group

Audio-Video recording

Viewing facilities for the client.

Focus Group
Mini Groups
Online Focus Groups
In Depth Interview
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