Quantitative Market research for an effective strategic plan

Greenland’s quantitative research is aimed at helping you achieve your business’s strategic planning goals faster and in a more effective manner. Our high integrity, end-to-end quantitative research in Dubai offering will enable you to make smarter decisions and take action faster to increase revenue, reduce costs, and stay competitive in a tough business environment.

Our quantitative research data is sourced first-hand through a variety of methods that include but are not limited to questionnaires and surveys, experiments and customer response, and observations made on customer behaviors both in person and through digital resources, in different global markets, products and customer segments.

Being in the market for about a decade and having served clients from different sectors, we know global markets and their changing trends better than others. With a mix of previous data findings and current developing trends, Greenland Market Research can provide you with near-accurate projections for the future to help you devise strategies that work and immediately reflect on your revenues and business performance.

Our experience includes handling the following quantitative studies.

Usage & Attitude Surveys

Product & Concept Test

Educational Surveys

Banking & Financial Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Panel Recruitment

Our Quantitative data collection methods include various forms of surveys

Online surveys and Polls

Paper surveys

Mobile surveys

Kiosk surveys

Telephone interviews

Face-to-face interviews

Face-to-Face Interview
Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI)
Central Locations Tests (CLTs)
Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)
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