Mystery shopping for valuable business insights

Greenland Market Research and Consultancy Dubai takes pride in Mystery Shopping research which has previously yielded amazing results for the clients. Our mystery shoppers are research professionals with years of experience in the field and know the right ways to collect the most useful of data in the least interactions and visits.

The mystery research method is a more reliable way of procuring first-hand information about your market or competition than the other available methods. In mystery shopping, our researchers visit a certain store or business outlet incognito to try out products and services in person and observe customer services and other operations there. They report back to us with their observations and the data is collated at the end to draw the study findings.

In today’s digital world where online shopping is a norm, we also employ digital mystery shoppers who interact with a business’s customer services through live chat or social media channels, and makes online purchases to test product and services first-hand. Mystery shopping can be carried out on both a large and small scale across numerous sectors including but not limited to banks, restaurants, retail outlets, central and local government and the automotive sector.

The purpose is to evaluate the experience by acting as a customer and investigating factors such as the friendliness of staff, knowledge of staff, and speed of resolution besides the quality of the product or service being offered.

With Greenland’s Mystery Shopping research, you can:

Assess your customer’s experience in real time

Get detailed scores for each location giving you the full picture

Enhance employee awareness about the importance of good customer service

Identify staff in need of training

Monitoring your customer service standards in a cost-effective manner

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