Greenland Market Research was asked to carry out 15 focus group discussions for a client in the Food & Drink industry. The client is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company that is headquartered in Canton. With approximately 12,900 branches in over 42 countries, it is one of the largest coffee and doughnut shops in the world. The market research was aimed at scrutinizing the restaurant facilities and the food-making process in all of these. In order to increase sales, the client also required data about the concerning push points. The focus groups took place in UAE and KSA where the staff of these brand outlets was recruited to participate in the discussion. The project took a solid 2 weeks to complete and the proper insights were surfaced.

Audience: Brand outlets spread across the countries

Country: UAE, KSA

Time Span: 2 weeks

Sample Size: 15

Method: Focus group discussions

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